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From the 1700’s onwards

Long before anyone in places like Kentucky or Tennessee thought of filling their first barrel of Whiskey, Southern Marylanders such as Basil Hayden, Henry Wathen and even the Jesuit Priests at Newtown Neck were busy perfecting their Whiskey recipes and their craft of distilling.

We are combining the best of what those early Marylander’s used with extraordinary efforts to be environmentally responsible to bring you the best Whiskies, Bourbons and Rums possible.



24460 Hollywood Road | Hollywood, MD

What We Offer

Maryland’s Bourbon Distillery 

We will be honest, there is an allure for quick cash by buying someone else’s discount products, bringing them in to our distillery in large plastic totes and dumping it in to bottles. From there, we could have put labels on them and called those things our own. We’d use clever terms and fancy words to mask the fact the product was made in a mega factory in Indiana. Many distilleries do this, it is 100% legal and an accepted practice. It just isn’t us.

There are reasons each of our batches taste just a little different. There are reasons the proof on each of those batches is different. There are reasons some of the labels are a little crooked or there’s an air bubble. We do it all from the farm, we truly do it by hand one single batch at a time and we do it all for you. We are family, we are friends, and we are neighbors. You deserve our best efforts, and we will always strive to bring them to you.

Bourbon & Whiskey:

Starting with our farm-raised corn, we add a bit more rye in our products than most distilleries and let it ferment for a few days. From there we double-distill the mash to produce a crisp and flavorful spirit. If we’re making our Straight Bourbon or Rye, it’ll go in to a new charred oak barrel. If we’re making  Moll Dyer Cinnamon Whiskey it’ll go in to one of our used charred oak barrels.


Rum sounds easy to make; molasses, water, and yeast. How hard could that possibly be? Turns out, it’s pretty hard to make a good Rum. There are hundreds of types of molasses (or molasses-like products) being produced today along with more 500 suitable strains of yeast. Each of these ingredients impart a different flavor profile so that leaves an almost endless number of variations leading to a very unique taste. A LOT of research went in to designing our Rum formula. When all was settled, the molasses we chose is produced by Domino right in Baltimore. After it’s been double distilled, we age it in our used bourbon barrels for a minimum of six months.



St. Mary’s Co. Regional Airport Farmers Market
Sunday July 12, 2020 from 9am-1pm

We can now ship in Maryland!

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America’s Bourbon Trail Starts Here!

Two levels of tours are coming soon to Tobacco Barn Distillery. Stay tuned for more details on how to sign up!
Tours and tastings will be available by appointment only. They will be held on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

New Podcast: From Navy Admiral to Starting a Distillery

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POSTPONED 700 MPH Bourbon Event (Date TBD)

The 700 MPH Bourbon Flight is a charity event that will be supporting the “Semper Fi Fund”. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, the event has been postponed with date TBD. Check back to see when the event will take place and stay safe!

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Tobacco Barn Distillery | 24460 Hollywood Road | Hollywood, MD

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