From The Farm

Starting with our farm-raised corn, we add a bit more rye in our products than most distilleries and let it ferment for a few days. From there we double-distill the mash to produce a crisp and flavorful spirit. If we’re making our Bourbon or Rye Whiskey, it’ll go in to a new charred oak barrel. If we’re making Maryland Whiskey or Moll Dyer Cinnamon Whiskey it’ll go in to one of our used charred oak barrels.

At The Distillery

We are combining the best of what those early Marylander’s used with extraordinary efforts to be environmentally responsible to bring you the best Whiskies, Bourbons and Rums possible.

U.S.S. Constellation

Constellation Rum Barrels remained in the ship’s hold for more than a full year. During this time, the Barrels were subject to two very important environmental conditions: (i) constant agitation, and (ii) variation of temperatures (low of 9 degrees and high of 101 degrees). These two factors are responsible for exposing more of the Rum to the Bourbon-soaked and charred layers of the barrels than would be possible if they had remained in a standard warehouse. This is an important part of what is responsible for giving U.S.S. Constellation Rum its unique flavor profile. This is the only Rum in the world produced in this manner!

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"Proudly crafting handmade, locally sourced, and environmentally conscious bourbon, whiskey, and rum in America’s birthplace of bourbon."


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