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First Landing Bourbon

Named in honor of the brave souls who left England seeking a better life and finding it here, in Maryland, in 1634.  With the First Landing  on what’s now known as St. Clements Island, and then the more permanent establishment at St. Mary’s City, religious freedom was brought to the new world.  Thanks to you, we completely sold out of First Landing within days of its release.  We hope you were lucky enough to score a bottle, or know a friend that did!  We are looking to have more of this available in late 2017.

Rye Whiskey

Using a majority of rye (>50%) in this recipe, our Rye Whiskey already has a pleasant, but very present spiciness.  It’s quietly aging in new charred oak barrels and we are looking forward to a late 2017 or early 2018 release.  We haven’t settled on a name for this one yet, so if you have an idea, feel free to send it our way!

Maryland Whiskey

Southern Maryland has the distinction of being the original home of a corn and rye-based whiskey that would later become world-famous as Bourbon. St. Mary’s County native, Basil Hayden and several dozen of his intrepid neighbors left St. Mary’s County in the late 1700’s and traveled to the new territory of Kentucky. Once there, they resumed distilling and started a legacy. Our Maryland Whiskey follows the same local tradition of adding lots of rye to complement the sweetness of corn. We mistakenly thought we had made enough Maryland Whiskey to see you through all of 2017.  Because your response to this whiskey has been so overwhelming, we are not too sure if we will make it through 2017.  We know it’s a great problem to have, but we never want to leave folks wanting.  Stay tuned!

Moll Dyer

From the beginning of Tobacco Barn Distillery, we knew there were some things we just had to do: (i) make great Bourbon, (ii) make great Whiskies, (iii) make great Rums, and (iv) bring attention to all things Maryland.  It’s fitting that we chose Moll Dyer to honor with our Cinnamon Whiskey.  If you aren’t familiar with her story, here’s the Wikipedia page.  We believe she was a victim of simple-minded townsfolk and took the opportunity to rewrite the story.  If you’d care to see our version, you’ll need to pick up a bottle – we think she’d approve.

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